The Village of the World

One of the amazing aspects of the digital world is how visible we all are, in so many ways, whether we want to be or not. If we want to participate in the global community, using it as a place to learn and grow, we have to be willing to be seen and known, to leave a digital footprint. The community of educators online is a growing and active community, and with every update that we post, every email we send, every mention that is posted about us, we are connected and made visible in the larger world. We leave our tracks behind us for others to follow.

In a village, it has always been through knowing each other and using the strengths that each can offer, that the village has been able to provide for its members. It is through this personal knowledge and connection. The goal of a village has always been to survive, to weather the challenges with which it is presented, from drought to famine to war and to draw together to overcome each one. Each person in a village, who has been known from birth, must be taught the skills necessary to aid the group. The role of an individual is not to achieve personal success, but instead it is to contribute every possible talent and skill to help in the village’s survival. As each member works together, the village as a whole is viable.

We are now part of a global village, creating digital footprints that identify who we are and what we can contribute to solving the challenges of our day. In the village of education, there are countless problems that face us. No matter where we are teaching, big or small school, public or independent, the world is changing too quickly for each individual teacher to stay ahead and master all that is necessary to give our students the best education. We must draw together, allow ourselves to be known and to learn from each other. There is amazing wisdom and energy in the global world of educators. As we take the time to become a part of that community, we can begin to find solutions to the challenges that we face. We can begin to understand that we are not alone.

We need to listen carefully to the voices of wisdom among us, to gain from their experience and insight. As we read each other’s blogs and follow each other on Twitter, we can identify those leaders who can help move us forward. If you have someone that you know of who has enriched your learning and added to your understanding of how to be a better teacher, please share that. Together we can develop a global village that can successfully take on the challenges it faces!

2 responses to “The Village of the World

  1. What a wonderful image, Hadley! I love the way you explain how we’re all connected, and responsible for each other ­čÖé

  2. This post was fantastic. This is exactly the shift in mentality I feel needs to occur among educators as we strive to better serve our students. Fifty years ago, the world felt like a much bigger place. Now, thanks to modern technology, the world is smaller. We are literally and figuratively “connected”. This idea of a global village reinforces the value of diversity as well as a sense of responsibility for others. If we hope for our students to value diversity and others, we must fully adopt those beliefs and model that behavior ourselves. If “it takes a village to raise a child”, then it certainly takes a global village to educate them, too. Great blog. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.

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