Blogs I’ve Commented On

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January 15 – Tom WhitbyAnn LeanessSteve Moore

January 17 – Beth Still “Crowdsourcing: Many Hands Make Light Work”

January 20 – David Warlick “10 Ways to Promote Learning Lifestyle in Your School”

January 21 – Ann Leaness “Bridges”, djainslie “PLN Research Part 2: Time

January 23 – Marti Sides “I Believe”

January 24 – Elaine Willis “They’re Searching, but Are They Finding?” Larry Ferlazzo “The Best Eleven Websites for Students to Learn about Computers”

February 1 – Eva Buyuksimkesyan “Personal Learning Network”

February 4 – Jason Bedell “What Happens When Technology Doesn’t Work”

February 4 – Tom Whitby “We Are #EdChat”

February 11 – Tom Whitby “The Little Red Schoolhouse”

February 12 – Shelly Terrell “Couples Twittering for Education” with Jo and Phil Hart; John Spencer “I’m Concerned that Your Class is Fun”; Mary Beth Hertz “Junior Great Books”

February 14 – Sheryl Nussbaum Beach “Dream Catcher and Value Adder”, Mother Thinker “What do I have to think about?”

February 16 – Peter Pappas, “The Reflective Student”

March20 – Larry Ferlazzo, “One Way to Help Students who Shut Down”, Tom Whitby, “To Tell the Truth

May 17 – Kyle Pace on Jason Bedell’s blog, “The Human Element of Change”

June 23 – Will Richardson, “Yeah, You’ve Got Problems, So Solve Them”

July 5 – George Couros, “Professional Learning Environment, Your Thoughts”

November 11 – Tony Baldasaro, “A Reminder of the Power of my PLN”

September 25 – Stephen J. Valentine, “You Are What You Return To”

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