Energy Explosion!

Last night was an amazing experience of the power of educators working together to help students and support each other. For the hour of #edchat, a conversation on Twitter at 7:00 pm every Tuesday, ideas and excitement was flying! (If you missed it, check out the archive!) Here it is, the middle of August, a time when many teachers are filled with dread and pre-exhaustion worry. It is when we face all of the tasks that we do during the school year, that are now lying like discarded balls on the floor. We know that we have to get them all up and floating effortlessly. It often seems like an impossible task. As a friend described it, “August is like a month of Sunday evenings.” We all know that School is coming towards us like a tidal wave.

And yet, last night’s conversation was filled with energy and determination. Teachers were sharing their ideas about what makes an effective teacher, speaking from a wealth of experience, sharing tips and insights into how to make each day the best that it can be for the students. Rather than dreading the return of the kids, these teachers were excited to once again share and grow with the children in their classrooms. They had, in many cases, spent the summer focused on how to enhance their best practices and to improve on the weak spots in their curriculum. None of them was complacent about what they do. They were dedicated to learning and to improving their practice.

There could not possibly have been a better way to spend a late August evening than with these educators. I left with a whole new excitement about the coming year. It is an excitement that combines my own teaching with the joy of having colleagues with whom I get to share the journey! A year ago, I qualified as mostly a Lurker on Twitter. I followed many educators, but I had only just begun to enter into the conversation. Now, my practice and in many ways, my life has been changed by the interactions and relationships that have grown up among the people I have “met,” some simply online and many now in person.

I have worked harder than I ever thought I would, because I have partners in this adventure. They cheer me on to do my best for the kids, and I, in turn, cheer them on! We are on a journey to figure out how to make education in the 21st century the best that it can be. None of us has the answer, but none of us is sitting on the sidelines. We are experimenting and trying to find what works. Sometimes the lesson is a failure, but because we are not alone, we can share our attempts and get feedback from other teachers. It is all about Shared Growing and Shared Wisdom.

Last night reminded me of how important all of you, my face-to-face colleagues and my PLN partners, are to me. So this is a Thank You to all of you who have shared with me this year, and a Welcome to all that I will share with in the coming year. The energy and support that we give each other makes us better educators and provides an exciting environment within which the students can learn.

5 responses to “Energy Explosion!

  1. I agree completely. The educators in #edchat demonstrated such a love of their craft and of their students that the hour we spent together would renew anyone’s faith in teachers and the future of education. For those who did not participate, the #edchat archive might be the most motivating and uplifting reading they could do on that nervous night before the kids arrive the next day.

    I’m curious about your summer Library of Congress experience and any plans you have to integrate more primary sources into the coming year’s teaching. Have a great year! And thanks for articulating what so many of the last #edchat participants must surely have experienced.

  2. I am from EDM310 class and this is part of my assignment to reply to your post. Here is the link to our class blog:

    This is amazing and a great way to start off a new school year. These are the teachers who love and enjoy their job. These are also the teachers who will make an impact on students’ lives. For those teachers who tuned in, this probably helped with the anxiety of a new school year. I hope you have a great school year and good luck.

  3. Hello, my name is Trieu Tran and I am here for a class assignment. Here is the link to my blog and our class blog:

    What an excellent idea to start off the school year! I think it benefits most for new teachers . It is a great idea to interact with one another. With this much enthusiasm coming from an educator, I am sure some of the students will be inspired to become one too! I wish you the best and have a wonderful year.

  4. Hii nice reading your post

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