“Blogs to Watch” Award

Philip Cummings, in his blog A Retrospective Saunter, added my blog to his list of “Blogs to Watch.” First of all, thank you, Philip! I am flattered to be part of this wonderful idea of sharing our favorite blogs. As Philip did, I will not share from his list. Go back and look at his and at Jason Bedell’s, where Philip got his mention. This is a “Pay It Forward” kind of award, so the mention on a list passes on the task of making your own list to share.

The following are the rules of this award:

  • Copy and display the picture of the award given to you;
  • Link back to the blog that nominated you;
  • Nominate 10 different blogs yourself;
  • Inform the people you nominated, so they can in turn, continue the chain and spread the word about other great blogs out there.

So here is mine. It is clear that I am a total nerd for learning, so those are the kinds of blogs that I look for.

My Island View by Tom Whitby. Tom has a commitment to education that is founded on years of thoughtful consideration. He is tends to cut through the “easy answer” and pose thoughtful questions that need to be considered.

Teacher Reboot Camp by Shelly Terrell. Shelly just has her finger on so many wonderful things going on in the world of EdTech. There is always something to learn from reading what she has shared.

For the Love of Learning by Joe Bower. I find the ideas in this blog challenge my thinking and make me rethink my practice, always a good activity.

Copy Paste by Peter Pappas. Peter’s thinking about self-reflection changed the way that I conduct my lessons. He has many good ideas for enriching and deepening what goes on in the classroom.

Philly Teacher by Mary Beth Hertz. Mary Beth is an articulate and dedicated teacher who is committed to incorporating technology into the classroom in ways that best benefit the students.

Synthesizing Education by Aaron Eyler. I just discovered this one after listening to a presentation that Aaron gave at edcamp philly. Well-worth the read!

Nebraska Change Agent by Beth Still. Since Beth and I connected on Twitter, she is someone I respect. She is committed to making learning accessible to all students and to helping teachers use technology as effectively as possible.

iTEACH by Andy Marcinek. Andy writes a wonderful blog about the this journey so many of us are on of learning and growing day to day in a 2.0 world.

Sing Imagination by Yoon Soo Lim. This blog is a celebration of life, full of thinking about education, food and living. It is full of Yoon’s wonderful love of life.

Websites of the Day by Larry Ferlazzo. Larry maintains the most amazing collection of “Best of” lists that can be found anywhere. It is specifically dedicated to ESL, ELL and EFL, but I always find new resources. He searches the internet for resources that are reliable.

5 responses to ““Blogs to Watch” Award

  1. Larry Ferlazzo


    You’re very kind! Thanks….


  2. Philip Cummings

    This is a great list, Hadley! I’m already reading many of these, but there are a few new ones I will certainly add. I love to see who’s influencing whom and the why is often more important than the what. :0) Keep writing. I’ll be reading.

  3. Hadley,

    Thank you! I really appreciate your kind mention! I am such a newbie as a blog writer; I benefit from reading blogs written by good thinkers like you.

    Thanks so much.


  4. Hadley,

    Thanks so much for the shout out! Your collection of sites is a great resource for teachers.


  5. Great list! I really agree with a lot your recommendations and it gave me a few new ones to check out and sqworl away on my blogs to watch list! YAY! Shelly and Larry are def AWEsome! Great pay forward!

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