“You’re Taller than I Thought”

Reflections on Day 1 of Educon, a weekend conference for educators to talk about 2.0 learning

“I thought you were shorter.” I am 5’8″

“I thought you were petite.” Not for a single day of my life!

“I thought….” Today we began to put together our ideas about someone in our PLNs and the actual person, and at times the images didn’t match. It was a new and unusual experience. It was the first moment I have had to meet people that I communicate with all the time, people I feel like I know so well. Twitter is my place to test my thinking and have people respond. It is a primary place where I learn and grow with people I trust…but have no idea what they actually look or sound like.

It was quite an experience to walk into the breakfast this morning where about 30-40 fellow Twitter people were eating. Some of them I immediately recognized them their Twitter photo, like @aleaness, @mbteach, @bethstill. There were others, however, that I wondered about. “Is that @__________?”  It made me feel a combination of shy and slightly worried. I didn’t want to seem rude by not speaking to them, but I felt like I should know them, that I was at fault for not being able to put their photo or avatar together with the real person.  They are my PLN; they are part of my life…but I can’t pick them out in a crowded room. It was a new experience for me, one that takes a little getting used to. I have never had people who know me so well and yet don’t know me. Or who connect all of my thinking to a single photo of me, as I do with them.

I want to meet all of my PLN who have come, and that may mean a lot of asking “What is your Twitter ID?” as the badges don’t have it. While I look at a person’s home page before I follow them, I rarely remember their “real” name, as they become their Twitter name to me. Having met Yoon today, she will no longer simply be @doremigirl to me, but she will never simply be Yoon. It is an interesting blending of the layers of personal interaction that goes on in a 2.0 world.

Thank you to Science Leadership Academy and @chrislehmann for putting it Educon together.

3 responses to ““You’re Taller than I Thought”

  1. Just walk up to anyone and say hello. Few, if any, will blow you off. Most are looking to find their PLN, too, and you may be part of theirs.

  2. Twitter handles, conversations, and great learning with like-minded people is how I sum up yesterday! I am so glad I got to meet you and other PLN members. There is power in one’s voice. I can read your tweets now with the thought of your happy laugh. You will never just be a twitter handle, @hadleyjf! So glad to have connected and started building our relationship deeper. PS: I know where you live….!

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