#edchat Exhaustion

It was an amazing conversation today on #edchat on Twitter (every Tuesday at noon and 7:00 pm EST). The topic was classroom management, and so many wonderful people collaborated to make the discussion rich, enlightening AND exhausting! So many ideas were flying across my screen. While it was happening, I hardly noticed that I had completely lost track of the outside world. I had become like my children used to be with video games – total concentration to stay on track.

Perhaps that is what is required, especially for those of us who didn’t grow up playing video games. We have to learn the level of focus and attention that our children already know. They might even be able to multi-task while carrying on an #edchat discussion, but for me, it was complete attention to the flowing waves that came when following the conversation on www.tweetchat.com We must learn to share, brainstorm, edit and create across what used to be boundaries and no longer are. We have to keep growing in our understanding of the potential that these tools offer. The only way to do that is to jump in and doggie paddle around. At the end of today’s #edchat, I felt as if I had run a marathon, finding muscles that I didn’t know existed and now ached.

Awesomely exhausting!

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