8 Possible Comments to My Students in 2010

After reading Michael Gorman’s list of possible headlines for the coming year at http://21centuryedtech.wordpress.com/, I felt inspired to write this, comparing what we say quite comfortably today with what reaction we might have gotten had we said the same thing 10 years ago.

1. Remember that you may not talk or pass any notes during this collaboration. Is this a sign language class?

2. Make sure that you post on Wallwisher. You can slide each one around to place it correctly. How does one slide a post on a wall?

3. Check your privacy settings. Privacy setting? Like on the alarm system by the front door?

4. Your homework is on the ning. After reading it, leave a comment. Who made up a word like ning? And why would I want to have anything to do with it?

5. Make sure to finish creating your avatar for Edmodo. I am not 10! Why do I need or want an avatar? And what world is Edmodo that I have to use one there?

6. If you build a wiki, they will come. Why would I want one? Please make anyone who would want one stay away!

7. You can follow me on Twitter. Do I want a teacher who is a twit? Not quite sure if this is an obscene comment or not!

8. Each group will create a blog to share information and build your argument. Is a blog something that comes out of the mud? Will it eat me if I argue around it?

Not only have we learned so much in the last decade, but we have created and are continuing to create, a whole new language to talk about what we are thinking and what we are doing.

5 responses to “8 Possible Comments to My Students in 2010

  1. Glad that you enjoyed my thoughts and headlines on 2010. I enjoyed reading your ideas on how even the words we use have changed. Being a middle school teacher I enjoyed reading your blog. I need to network with you sometime on using twitter. I have been very slow on getting it in my brain. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated. I tweet at mjgormans. Also, while at my blog be sure visit and encourage others to visit my wiki at http:21centuryedtech.wikispaces.com. I look forward to coming back to your blog and learning. Thanks for great information – Mike

    • Mike, Don’t know if you saw the page on the blog “To Grow in 2.0,” https://hadleyjf.wordpress.com/to-grow-in-2-0/ I write there about how I got started using Twitter and how I use it now. Might help. What grade and subject do you teach? I teach 6th and 8th history.

      Thanks for visiting. Your wiki definitely has some great resources! Hadley

      • I integrate technology in all core areas with all 980 students (grade 6-8) and 50 teachers in a 90 minute block ever other day called ISB (integrated Solutions Block). It covers core standards integrated with NETS, STEM, 21st Century Skills, and Project Based Learning. I enjoy facilitatting projects and technology that then cross over the ISB time block into the other teacher’s core blocks. My a wife, the school media specialist is a big help! If you ever need resources, let me know. I have gathered and presented and blogged, reason I am so slow on the Twitter. I did add you as someone I will follow on Twitter and hope you do the same. I think we can help each other quite a bit.
        I see this is a new blog with great information. I am also relatively new and will add your site to my blog roll. You have a lot of neat insight to share. I will keep attemting my late coming twitters. Appreciate any encouragement! Have a wonderful New Year. Please stay in touch.
        Mike http://www.twitter.com/mjgormans

  2. Love this! It should be a poster!

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